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Home-Guy and Gals Handyman Services. If you need help with Handyman Services, Residential Maintenance Pressure Washing, Sealing Pavers on Driveways and Pool Decks. Cleaning, moving or re-arranging, hanging pictures. Give us a call today. Ask about our Preventive Maintenance Plans!

Guy and Gal's Handyman Services Voted "Best of Fort Myers, Business Services 2017!"

Guy and Gals Won this Award from Fort Myers Best Services Handyman

Guy and Gals Handyman Services Won an Award with plaque for Fort Myers 2017 Best Business Services!! Thank You Dave Logan for helping us to achieve this for 2016 - 2017!!!! Thank You to All Our Customers That Voted For Us, Blessings To You All!!!
This is  Dave Logan our Office Assistance Manager with Owners Kevin & Sherri. Dave runs the office and gives excellent customer services to all our customers here at Guy and Gal's Handyman Services.
Thank You Dave for all your hard work.
Dave Logan our assistant with Kevin
Dave with Sherri holding the award

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Contact Information for Guy and Gals Handyman Services LLC. If you need help with handyman services, , general maintenance and light cleaning. Moving furniture, re-arranging furniture or hanging pictures and assembling furniture and things. Give us your Honey Do List Give Us A Call Today! (239) 243-8721

About Us-Guy and Gals Handyman Services, general maintenance and pressure cleaning services. Why Us??? Guy and Gal's go above and beyond for customer service. This is what sets them apart from the competition. We are Velexo Certified  

Pressure cleaning this pool deck
Clean & Seal Your Pool Decks Receive FREE Pool Cage Cleaning     $50.00 OFF When You Mention This Add!!!! "

Clean & Seal Your Driveways Any Size! " $50.00 OFF Under 1,000 Sq. Ft. & $100 Off Over 1,000 Sq. Ft.!"
When You Mention This Add!!!! "

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Handyman Service-Over 30 years of experience. Need a handyman service? We are your Honey-Do-List-Specialists! Guy and Gals Handyman Services L.L.C. Information of what services we offer you, residential or business.

Check out our contact information licensed and insured in Lee and Collier County!   Find out more about Our Pricing and Free Estimates. Give Us A Call Today!

Our Pricing-Guy and Gal's give Free estimates, see pricing, fees and disclaimers, labor and material fees. Warranties offered on Sealing pavers and more.
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Assembling closet inserts

Inside & Outside Handyman, General Maintenance

We do windows. Move, rearrange, hang pictures and assemble furniture. Closet inserts, Remove wire closet shelving systems and replace it with assembled wooden shelves and inserts. Patch and paint, Dryer Vent Cleaning. Haul off old furnishing and unwanted items, "Nothing Haz-mat or poison ".

Clean gutters. Fix screens on lanais, and pool areas. Residential and general maintenance handyman services.

Surface Cleaning Travertine

Can Do List Handyman Services, Residential Maintenance & Cleaning Offered At Guy & Gal's Services!

Pressure Washing and Surface Cleaning Services. Staining, Stripping & Sealing Driveway Paver's,  Pool Decks, Concrete, Stamped Concrete, River Rock,
 & More!

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Relax, Enjoy Life With More Free Time.

Let us tackle your To-Do-List! Just call Kevin & Sherri for a Free estimate, they teamed up to offer Personalized High Quality Handyman Services, learn more about Guy & Gal's .

"No job's to Big, No job's to Small." "Were Guy and Gal's, We do it ALL!"

 We do appreciate your business here at Guy & Gal's. Thank You for visiting and make it a great day!

Seal Your Wooden Boat Dock, Wooden Fence or Deck! Give Us A Call Today!!!

After we sealed this old deck with our Tropik Shield

We use Tropik Shield on wooden boat docks, fences and decks, house siding or any wooden surfaces. Old and New! 10 Year warranty on all projects!

This is after picture of a deck we cleaned and sealed in Fort Myers.
For more information about this call (239) 243-8721

Before we sealed this old deck with Tropik Shield

This is the same deck before we cleaned and sealed it with Tropik Shield!

Makes old wood look like new! Protects and refinishes old wood. Keeps new wood protected. 10 Year warranty even in high traffic areas.

Preventive Maintenance, Dryer Vent Cleaning!

Dryer vent cleaning should be done once a year.
Dryer lint can be very dangerous if goes without clean up. Moist lint can collect inside the dryer, vent and could cause a house fire.
This is what is trapped inside the vent hose.
Here you can see this build up of 3 years in this connector from the dryer to the vent pipe.

What Is Efflorescence and How Do I Get Rid of It????

efflorscenses is a big problem it pavers are not cleaned properly
What Is Efflorescence?????

Efflorescence is caused when soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete and mortars. It's induced by low temperatures, moist conditions, condensation, rain, dew, and water added to the surface of fresh concrete to assist troweling. ......Click link below for the rest.

What Is Efflorescence?????

Hard Water Stains??? We Can Remove Them!!!

We clean hard water stains from homes. This is the before picture.
We Can Remove Hard Water Stains, Rust, Fertilizer Stains from Your Home and More!
These are before and after pictures of the same area.

Click Here To Learn More About Re-Storing, See More  Pictures!
After Picture of Hard Water Stains Removed by Guy and Gals Handyman

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Guy & Gal's  Services L.L.C Handyman, Cleaning, Residential, General and Preventive Maintenance Offered. High-quality service in Lee and Collier County. We drive from Cape Coral down to Marco Island and every where in between.  For More Information about stripping and sealing click here.

With a variety of services to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Our Handyman Services are personalized to fit your needs. Give us your To Do List,  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  Licensed & Insured in State of Florida #L14000099704

Guy and Gals Handyman Services Work For Contractors, Businesses, Home Owners, Realtor's. References!

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