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Our Pricing - Guy & Gal's Pricing Estimates, Pricing and Disclaimers of Labor, Materials and Service Warranties.

If job is estimated on Labor then the fee is $75 per hour. If Guy & Gal's have to leave your home and go to Hardware store for more supplies or to purchase items for that customer's job, time still counts for labor because of there time purchasing products specifically for that project, job or customer. This doesn't happen all the time but it does occur when Guy & Gal's get to a job and other projects are added, customer has given wrong information such as wrong size ect... or the job is bigger. Customer will be charged labor plus what ever materials are needed, purchased for that job. We do charge a service fee of $45 if called out not a scheduled job or if the job is small and doesn't take complete hour.

Home Watch Services Fees:

* For our customers that use our services @ $45.00 per month

 * If you want twice per month ( Every Other Week) it will be $70.00 per month. ($45 + $25 for each additional stops.)

Service Calls:

   If called out to your home to meet another Professional in for service (Example: A Plumber) There is a $45 service charge. If the professional is there longer than a hour the service fee goes up to $50 service visit.

If we are called out to work at your home. All other work will be done at regular price of $75 per hour.

All Surface Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Stripping and Sealing Fees:

These Estimates are charged by the sq. footage, Condition of Areas, Cleaners Needed, Stripper Needed and Amount of Sealant Needed for the Job. The Estimates for these projects are figured by time, products, how many coats needed and labor divided by $$ per sq footage. Guy and Gal's strive to do the best job. We use Industrial Strength Products from Companies That Know There Stuff! There Products are What We Feel to Be The Best in There Field!

ECO friendly products for the environment that work. We do our best to get all stains like paint, rust, grease, oil, fertilizer stains and rust stains out of paver before we seal them. Note: If Stains are Old or Grease and Oil They may not ever come out. We feel that Pavers, Concrete and Other Surfaces Should Be Sealed After Installation to Prevent Stains or Sun Damage! We always move all furniture off and back on Lani's and patios for customers .  

Just Pressure Washing = .15 to .50 per sq ft. depending on cleaners used and the surface situation.

Pressure Washing & Surface Cleaning = .25  to .60 per sq ft.
depending on cleaners used and the surface situation.

Pressure Washing, Surface Cleaning, & Sealing = .80 to $1.00 per sq ft.
depending on cleaners used and the surface situation.

Stripping a Driveway is different it depends on how many layers of sealant are down and condition of area.  Prices range from  $1.20 to $2.85 per sq ft.
depending on cleaners used and the surface situation.

All will depend on condition of areas, what cleaners need to be used if any, area size and equipment used.

If we have sealed your pool deck and drive way then it is .15 per sq feet to clean once a year.

Cleaning Services Fees: 

Spring Cleaning windows, Mirrors, Pictures, fans. Give Us Your Handyman To-Do-List While Were There.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Offered. This Should Be Done at Least Once Per Year. We Recommended Twice a Year for Full Time Residents To Prevent Fires.

We Clean Up After Your Guest Leave Or In Between Your Trips From Up North. Twice A Year Top To Bottom, Inside and Outside Preventive Maintenance.

"We Come to your home or business to give FREE Estimates...We don't give them over the phone because we like to meet you, get the square footage first hand and look at the job site for condition of project."

Guy & Gal's only charge extra fee's on these jobs if Customer add other projects they want done that same day and the jobs are completed that same day then the cost will be all fees for the estimate plus added project labor and materials.

Disclaimer for Our Website and Business:

Guy & Gals Always Offers Free Estimates & Our Disclaimers as Fallows. Labor, Materials and Warranties. High Quality Service. Servicing In Lee and Collier County.


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We Come to your home or business to give FREE Estimates


 * Two Year Warranty From Us On SurfaceLogix Two Part Epoxy Sealant

     (Semi-Gloss, Wet Look)

 * Three Year Warranty From Us On SurfaceLogix Impregnator (CP) Sealant

     (Natural Look Appearance, No Sheen)

All Products Are ECO Friendly and Bio Degradable!

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