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Handyman Services, Seal Pavers, Driveways, Pool Deck

Surface Cleaning & Pressure Washing Call (239) 344-0013

Can Do List of Guy and Gals Handyman Services Offered.

Can Do List Guy and Gal's Handyman Services offered. You Can Enjoy Life and Let Us Tackle Your Honey Do List, Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning Projects! Our Handyman Services are personalized to fit your needs and budget. Below Is A List Of Services We Offer. The Honey Do List Specialists! Call for your FREE Estimate Today!

Assembling, Changing Moving and Re-Doing Services Offered!

Any Assembling

Assemble Exercise Equipment

Assemble Toys

Assemble Furniture

Assemble Gas Grills

Assemble Shelves

Re-arrange Furniture
Changing Light Bulb
Install Smoke Detectors

Change out Air Filters, Refrigerator Filters,

Clean Ceiling Fans,

Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors

Assemble Furniture, Closet Inserts

Assemble Wardrobes, Office Furniture

Fence Re-Pair

Clean & Change Ceiling Fans Bulbs

Clean Garages

Clean Mirrors

Clean Gutter

Clean Ceiling Fans,

Hang Pictures

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Move Furniture

Haul Trash to Dump

Install Garage Organizers & Shelves

You Can Enjoy Life and Let Us Tackle Your Honey Do List! Get Your Free Estimate Today!

This Is A Pool Deck We Stained, Enhanced and Restored The Color Back!

For Quality Handyman Services Book Your Free Appointment Today! We Appreciate Your Business!

We are Licensed & Insured #L14000099704 in the State of Florida.

Thanks For Visiting!

We Can Restore Your River Rock or Enhance The Color of Faded Out River Rock.

We Assembled This Wardrobe from A Box, Half way Assembled Before Pic.

This Is After it was Completely Assembled!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Install Rubber Corner Guards!

Repair Screens, Re-Screen

Replace Caulking

Replace Door Handles

Replace Trim

Residential Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Construction Cleaning
General Maintenance

Staining, Stripping & Sealing Driveway Paver's, Pool Decks, Concrete, River Rock, Pressure Washing, Surface Cleaning & More!

Pressure Cleaning Driveways & Walkways

Strip & Re-Seal Driveways, Cobble Stone Paver's, Interlocking Paver's, Concrete and More!  

Pressure Wash Patio, Pools & Lanai, Screens

Pressure Wash Homes

Pressure Wash Businesses

Surface Cleaning and More