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Staining River Rock Services!

We have stained River Rock to restore its color and beauty. This is some pictures of the two different colors we use. Then we seal it with a two part epoxy sealant.

This is a Before picture of some pavers of multiple Colors we Stained for a customer in Naples, FL We Call The Fifty Shades of Gray Pavers! 

After All Work Was Completed.

Area Before It Was Stained!

After Stained and Sealed!

Before and After Pictures of Stained Concrete We Did!

This Is A Close Up Of The Concrete         
Garage Floor Before Cleaned,
Stained and Sealed!

Concrete Stained and Sealed!

This Is After Picture......

These are some different concrete stains we have done.

Top one Is Before We Cleaned and Stained....

Bottom Is After Picture Completed!